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Mainor Xuncax

Like many Black and Brown men, Mainor Xuncax’s experience with law enforcement began at an early age. Mainor’s crime: he was late for school. There was never any intervention by teachers or counselors, and no one took the time to ask why he was late. Instead, Mainor...

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Ronaldo Villeda

Something inside me broke when I heard the judge read my charges. I was 17-years old and facing life in prison. But it was at that moment, I knew I had to change; I just didn’t know how. What I learned very quickly however is the juvenile justice system is not...

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Los Angeles Youth Uprising

Los Angeles Youth Uprising (LAYUP) was formed in early 2016, as the Anti-Recidivism Coalition, Children’s Defense Fund-California, Urban Peach Institute and Youth Justice Coalition began meeting in response to the resignation of Chief Probation Officer Jerry Powers....

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